Darts CLUB

Let the computer do the math! Darts CLUB calculates darts scores automatically. Just click on a wedge on the computer-drawn dartboard, and Darts CLUB will automatically calculate the points and deduct them from the balance. Close to finish? Darts CLUB

ZZ-DARTS  v.0.91

A 3D darts simulator. Popular 501 (or 1001) game can be played. You throw a dart and it flies into the dartboard beyond the screen... If you wish, you can zoom in and look at the dartboard closely to check the result of your throwing.


Dartscore 2005  v.2. 1. 2004

Dartscore 2005 is a great score keeping system for whenever you're playing the game of darts. The program has several functions for keeping track of your scores when playing the traditional dartgames such as 301, 501 or 701 and even the Cricket game!

Dart Scoreboard  v.

Playing darts with a friend? Then score your darts game with Darts Scoreboard​! Record your score either by entering the score directly or select the score using a dartboard Keep track of the number of darts thrown as well as how many points are

DartScorer7  v.

v1.1 - Updated to support Mango's Fast Application Switching. This app lets you keep score of your darts game. Just tap on the dartboard where your darts hit in your game and the app will keep score between you and your friend. If you're not sure

Darts Champ Free  v.

Like playing darts? Then step up and test your darts playing skills against players all over the world using a fun and challenging finger-swipe throwing motion that measures speed and direction to accurately place your darts on the dartboard.

Darts  v.1.1.0

How many darts do you need to finish 501 points?

Dart 'm Up  v.1.0

Another game from the 'm up series. This is a dart game. In case you hadn't realized already. For all those people who live in caves, with computers, and don't know how you play darts, I shall explain now.

Grey Olltwit's Darts  v.2.5.118

Grey Olltwit's Darts is a game where you can lay against the computer. There are three levels: Novice, Semi-Pro or Pro. This game offers a cross speed control facility. Recommended Minimum System: PC, Windows 95/NT4 or better e.g.

3-IN-A-BED  v.

3-IN-A-BED is a computer darts game which can be played on most Windows operating systems. You can play exhibition matches against a friend or the computer, or select career mode, in which you play in realistic ranking events around the world.

Ye Olde Darts  v.2 1

Enjoy PC darts with auto scoring or use as a real darts scorer. The Sports Scheduler lets you set up your own league. Fun sections allow you to place any image on the board and position targets to vent your rage, with mobile targets for scoring.

Phone7_Darts  v.

This is a fun addictive game of darts where you try to make the highest score with your chosen number of darts. To throw a dart just flick the screen. How hard and the direction of your flick will determine where the dart lands. You can change the

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